His career in sales has seen him work with some of the top companies in the world, including Xerox and Reuters. With a sales career of 40+ years, he now runs a sales training company owner, is the author of four sales books and now has his sights set more »


You’ve seen that there’s a position available for a sales professional to work in a technology sales company that sounds great. You’d love to do it but are not sure if the skills you’ve acquired are transferable, as you’ve only worked in financial sa more »

It’s all about…..the subject line more »

In last month’s issue, Karen Clark, a professional speaker and consultant, revealed five ethical and effective ways direct selling representatives can attract the right people to their business, and build curiosity about their opportunity. more »

Every sales person who wants to be the best they can be at selling knows that learning how to do their job better is a must, and knowing from great sales masters and experts through their books is one of the best ways they can do this. more »

Why do you want a relationship with your prospective clients when I bet, at least once you’ve thought your life would be much easier if you didn’t have to deal with them! more »

In the second of two parts on prospecting, veteran sales expert Thomas Ellis asks how many of you have been on a sales call where you all you were doing was answering questions the prospect asked you rather than you asking the questions? more »

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