Sales Mastery magazine is the go-to source for sales professionals to get inspired to achieve their ultimate business success.

We cover hard sales skills like value selling, perfect sales presentations, and speed-to-sale techniques. And we cover a lot on soft sales skills like influence strategy, building trust with skeptics, and mental game management.

Our win is when you pull up the magazine on your iPad or smartphone – get inspired by a great article – and go into a sales meeting with a confident approach like you’ve never had before.

We make sure the best and latest sales approaches are always at your fingertips when you want a way to keep getting better.

You will find Sales Mastery on the iTunes newsstand and in the Google Play Store. Here is how Sales Professionals describe the magazine . . . “I am surprised how often I read an article in this issue and thought, wow, that will help with my kids or with my husband. It’s true that everyone really does sell, even if it isn’t their formal job.

This magazine helps me be better at life, not just work.” “All I can say is WOW – got my 3rd issue and have been tearing through the articles. Took 7 pages of new notes and started using three of the ideas right away.

Created my sales plan for the year and wrote out new questions to ask clients and prospects. Great content – keep it coming. ” “Sales is like exercise. You have to continually put something into it to get measurable results.

What Sales Mastery has done for me is be a valuable part of my regimen of motivation and skill refinement. I strongly recommend Sales Mastery.”


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