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When It’s Safe to Say, “Hey, Boss, I’m Looking!”

By Skip Freeman, CEO of Hire to Win Executive Search Group At what point during her job search do you suppose Marissa Mayer, the current CEO of Yahoo, advised her boss at Google that she was “looking”? (The answer to this question, which may very well surprise you, is at the end of this article.) The truth of the matter is, if you are like most people, you are happy in your job most of the time. That does not alter the fact, however, that there are also times when you may honestly wonder if you’re not overlooking other genuine career opportunities outside your current company....

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Make Your Job Search the Time of Your Life to Find Your Fit Faster

By Darrell Gurney, executive career coach for Career Guy It’s that time again. You are now of the mindset you want to find another landing strip upon which to land until your next career flight.  It’s all part of the one-way ride on an occupational airplane with multiple stops along the way to your dream destination. Rarely is there a direct flight to your one dream job of your career.  You may not want to fly direct even if it is possible, because seeing more sites along the way is often a lot more fun than simply  “arriving there.” Yes,...

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Before and After: What Takes a Resume from Blah to Blockbuster?

By Chris Corcoran, co-founder of memoryBlue It’s been said that first impressions are lasting impressions. Fair or unfair, people make instant judgments about you. In Blink, New York Times bestselling author Malcolm Gladwell brilliantly describes the phenomenon of people making decisions after only a two-second glance. Now ask yourself, what does a hiring manager think about me after looking at my resume for only a blink of an eye? Too much hyperbole? Maybe. But maybe not when you consider a recent survey done by that used eye-tracking technology to decipher where recruiters focus when reading a resume and how much time they...

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Interview Tactics to Separate You from the Pack

by Chris Carlson, President of Sales Talent Inc. In today’s fast paced job market, employers are searching for standout employees who can successfully drive company initiatives and who can best represent the company to clients/prospects. Companies have many interviewing strategies to find the right candidate, but a lot of what they perceive can be controlled by you during the interview. With on average an hour, you need to explain and show your interviewer why you are the best person for this position, which is why it is important to separate yourself from the pack and make a lasting impact on...

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Market Yourself into Your Next Job

By Larry Linne, co-founder of Sitkins and co-author of Brand Aid: Take Control of Your Reputation – Before Everyone Else Does Have you ever witnessed this situation? Perhaps even lived it? . . . My niece came to me a year ago after graduating from college and asked me for help in finding a job. She wanted to get into sales or marketing. After three months spent sending resumes, filling out online resumes, and cold calling businesses, she had some interviews with terrible opportunities and no real career options. She was frustrated to realize how difficult it was to get someone to invest...

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