Oren Klaff – The Master of Maintaining Your Power During a Pitch

One morning in February, when I took over as lead investment banker of the Industra Genomics deal, I quickly realized that the company was losing control of its main investor. Within hours, I was on a jet to Moscow to meet them. What seemed like a routine trip to get a deal back-on-track quickly turned into the toughest deal of the year. The truly rich in Russia are called Oligarchs. This is a term that means control and power. When I met my first Oligarch, I had assumed my “winner-take-all” attitude and my pitch methods would quickly close the deal. But within hours of landing at Sheremetyevo airport, I was getting an attitude adjustment.  Ivan Ivanovich lives in a Moscow high-rise overlooking the river. He is tall and burly; all the executives in his company fear him. He looms large in life. He has a big mustache—which the president of Russia once asked him to shave. He said ‘nyet’ to that request, just as he said no to the suggestion, by the US Secretary of State, that he stop selling arms to Iran, and no to virtually every demand put in front of him. Yet, knowing all this, I found myself sitting in front of him, making demands.  I said, ‘close the deal as agreed within 24 hours or lose your deposit.’ Ivan, the veteran of a hundred union negotiations—was...

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The Art of Social Selling

There is lots of talk about social selling but what exactly is it? Social selling is the method of establishing and developing relationships as part of the sales process. Today this often takes place via social media networks such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest, but can take place either online or offline. But why should you be using these various platforms? What opportunities are they providing for sales professionals? One of the great things about social media is that buyers are far more open about their intentions than in the pre-social age. They can comment on forums, ask...

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Pave Your Way to Wealth in 2016

2016 is here! Business coach Stephanie Chung offers five expert tips on paving your way to a wealthier wiser you for the new year. For most sales professionals the year starts off the same: you receive your company quota and are asked to formulate a sales plan outlining how you’re going to accomplish the goal. For 2016, however, I encourage you to spice it up a bit to make the most out of this occasion. Instead of having your plan focus on how you will generate revenue for the company, create a plan that also shows how you will...

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Goal Setting for success

In this spotlight piece, one of the UK’s leading experts on sales Gavin Ingham, talks to Sales Mastery magazine, on the subject of goal setting, the theme for this issue. Gavin is the author of three books and helps executives face-up to making tough decisions, leaders take massive action, and sales teams win more sales. Sales Mastery: Gavin, I am honored that you have taken time out of your very busy schedule to speak to Sales Mastery, especially as this is my very first issue as its new publisher, so I thank you ever so much! So, getting right...

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Mind These P′s and Q′s When Selling to CEOs

Business executives are schooled on protocols and etiquette. You would be foolish not to operate from the same playbook. Knowing how to properly introduce yourself, mingle at a networking event, and mind your manners at dinner convey that you are rightfully part of the executive in crowd. Put Your Cold Calling Tricks Aside Short curiosity-building emails, schmoozing with the gatekeeper, and bonding over a personal interest may be the usual recommendations for prospecting. These are not the surefire approaches that will get you a meeting with a c-level exec though. A formal letter of introduction is what will create...

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